Pudsey Camera Club

We Staged the Final round of the 3 Round Digital Image Competition

This proved to be an excellent evening for Paul Murphy. Paul won the 3rd Round Projected Digital Images competition with 54 marks, and there was a tie for 2nd place with both Anne Wade and Craig Wilkinson obtaining 52 marks.

Craig was the overall winner with 156 marks, Anne was 2nd with 153 marks and Paul 3rd with 148 marks.

There were some excellent digital images , Two Projected Digital Images received the maximum of 20 marks. ‘Groynes and Pier’ from Paul Murphy and Anne Wade’s ‘Admiring the Art Work’.

Anne Wade’s ‘Admiring the Art Work’

‘Groynes and Pier’ from Paul Murphy

The digital image competition was judged by Stephanie Cook from South Milford.

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